Peer Programs

13thirty Cancer Connect offers a variety of peer programs for our members in three main categories: arts, wellness, and social gatherings. 




A Look Inside Virtual Programs

We are finding many ways to stay connected while still keeping our AYAs safe during the COVID-19 crisis. We pivoted our peer programs to a variety of virtual programs in our usual categories (wellness, expressive arts, and just-for-fun social activities) for all our members, including our parents. Through virtual programming, our AYAs are able to meet even more AYAs who ‘get it.’ Our Rochester and Syracuse AYAs have been able to meet without traveling the NYS Thruway, and some of our veteran 13thirty members who have moved out of the state have been able to join us. We look forward to when we can be back in our centers and host face-to-face programs once again. In the meantime, we will continue our mission of helping teens and young adults live their very best lives - even virtually!

Who Can Come?

13thirty Cancer Connect members include our teens and young adults living with cancer. "Living with cancer" means that an individual is currently in treatment or maintenance for cancer or is a cancer survivor. Individuals who had childhood cancer and are currently in their teens and adulthood are invited to attend programs.

Members are encouraged to bring friends and siblings close in age to programs. We also provide programs in all of our program categories for our parents of teens and young adults. Read more below about who else can come.

Teens13 - 20 Years Old

Most programs invite both teens and young adults, but we do offer programs just for our teens too.

Young Adults21 - 30 Years Old

Most programs invite both teens and young adults, but we do offer young adult specific program cater to those 21 and up.


Programs are available specifically for parents and caregivers in all the same categories offered to our AYAs - arts, wellness, and social. Parents are welcome to come with their child to AYA programs and enjoy our cozy parent room.


AYA members are encouraged to bring a sibling or friend to programs in the 13 - 30 age range to attend programs with them.