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The arts have a way of helping us express things we may not be able to easily verbalize. Painting or writing in a group of peers who get it can open up new insights into our lives and the lives of others. Both our programs for our members and their parents encourage personal growth, bonding with peers, and of course, having fun!


13thirty Cancer connect offers a variety of programs in the arts to provide expression and reflection. Our members and their parents have joined us for programs with painting, poetry, and theater. Some of our arts programs even lead up to a special performance at the annual Journeys: Celebration of Life event. Previous Journeys performances have included our teens and young adults signing, sketch acting, and most recently, a collective performance of poetry written by our members about their cancer experiences. Check out one of our writing exercises!

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Do you have certifications or talents in the arts? Instruct a painting class or lead a writing workshop! We are always looking for members of the community to share their skills with our 13thirty Cancer Connect members. Contact Clare McKenna, Program Manager (