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    Journeys 2016 – RSVP Now!

    October 15th 2016 – RSVP Now! 15th Annual Celebration of Living. The Faces Behind the Masks Our 13thirty teens and young adults reveal the real faces and stories that cancer often masks. You’ll be inspired!

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    The Secret Sound

    We sat in the middle of the lake, the water smooth as glass. The echo of Rick’s Mongolian flute playing the Shaker hymn, Simple Gifts, reverberated against the hills and in our hearts. In the quiet stillness, I read aloud a poem by Kabir. If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth Listen to the secret sound, The real sound Which is inside of you. As the night […]

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    The Paradox of Cancer

      Funny how people find themselves together. Families are tied together by birth. Neighbors become neighbors by virtue of geographic proximity. Business relationships are born of mutual economic gain. But sometimes, the vagaries of life conspire and cast together people whose paths may never have crossed otherwise. This happens often in my world and when it does, I’m always struck by how the universe works. Last night, at the first […]

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    How It All Began

    Whether you are new to 13thirty Cancer Connect, or have been part of the community for a while now, get a new perspective and learn about its start and what we do for the community as a whole. In this podcast segment of EdStories, hosted by Michael Zaffuts, Lauren Spiker (Founder and Director of 13thirty), talks about what 13thirty can offer to the community. Hear about what events are coming up, the […]

What is AYA Cancer?

Each year in the United States approximately 82,000 adolescent and young adults (AYAs) put their dreams on hold while enduring debilitating treatment for cancer in a healthcare environment that does not adequately address their unique and difficult challenges. Learn More

Goin' Bald for Bucks

Help make a difference! Go Bald for Bucks by shaving your head or donating a minimum of 8" of long hair. Learn more here.

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Melissa's Story

13thirty was inspired by a teen named Melissa who knew how to live - even with cancer. Learn More

If you have learned anything from me through all of this, do something with it to make a difference – to make things better.

— Melissa Sengbusch