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    Hashtags: All About AYA Cancer!

    Hashtags, our new video podcast series is up and running on our Youtube channel! 

    “Hashtags: All About AYA Cancer!” is our new video podcast series. It seeks to inform, share, and inspire those who have been recently diagnosed and those who are out of treatment. In addition to AYAs, Hashtags is also for friends and family. Sometimes you don’t quite know how to react or treat AYAs impacted by cancer. Therefore, Hashtags is here to lend some guidance.

    Our hosts are 13thirty Program Coordinator, Steve Esposito, and Communications Coordinator and young adult survivor, Sabrina Gauer. They have gathered stories, interviews, and video footage to share with viewers about the underserved and largely unrecognized population of cancer patients and survivors.

    We have you covered whether it’s touring the 13thirty office, filling you in on events here at the Center, talking to a teen or young adult about their experiences, or getting feedback from medical professionals and healthcare specialists. Above all, Steve and Sabrina are here to and wer your questions and keep you informed about AYA (adolescent and young adult) cancer! Check out the series on our Youtube channel!

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