apr10a67The efforts of Melissa’s Living Legacy Foundation are dedicated to the approximately 15,000 teens undergoing treatment in the United States for cancer each year. Wanting only to be “normal” teens, to spread their wings and fly, they are compelled to follow other paths, other roads less traveled. They do so with courage, with quiet beauty and grace unique to each of them. They deserve the best we can give. On behalf of teens and their families everywhere, we wish to pay special tribute to the doctors, nurses and medical practitioners, known and unknown, who join our teens as they travel the road before them. In the quiet of a doctor’s office or hospital room, amid the most frightening circumstances, their journey unfolds on countless charts, penned by doctors and nurses, who, each day, face our teens with a warm smile on their face and a deep pain in their heart. They, too, are not immune from the human emotions this tragedy brings to us all. Our gratitude for their efforts cannot adequately be expressed. 20051005a_rochester_0668Melissa’s family would like to especially thank the members of her primary medical team: Reggie Duerst, M.D., Margaret Hussong, P.N.P., Erin Senf, P.N.P, Nancy Bunin, M.D. and dozens of nurses, patient care technicians, lab technicians, surgeons and others. When Melissa was diagnosed, we prayed not only for her successful treatment and recovery, but also for a medical team that would care about our daughter as well as for her. You allowed her to touch your lives as you have indelibly touched ours.