You survived late night feedings and temper tantrums, kindergarten and refrigerator art, chicken pox and puppy love. Before you even knew it, you had a teenager – almost all grown up with limitless potential and a lifetime of dreams. The whole world was beckoning. Then you heard the word – Cancer – and your life changed forever. These stories were submitted to TLC by parents who have been through it all. We hope reading these will remind you that you are not alone. Welcome to the Club, A TLC Introduction, I Thought It Was Appendicitis Written by Debbie, whose son Sammy had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Be Part of the Team by Nancy Keene explains how to get on the same page as your child’s doctors. I Had to Learn – And Fast. When Lynn first learned her son Mike had cancer, she wondered if surgery was even necessary! Don’t Leave Home Without It, a mom “who’s been there” gives some good advice.