Sometimes, we take our brothers and sisters for granted. They’re just always there, you know? Kind of like your refrigerator – you always know where it is if you need it. But when your sibling is sick – especially with a life-threatening illness like cancer – that all changes. You suddenly realize how much a part of your life he or she really is. But you already know that – that’s why you’re here. A lot might be happening in your family right now. Do your parents spend all their energy worrying about your brother or sister? Are they always at the hospital or clinic? Even when they’re home, are they totally consumed with taking care of your sibling? How are you dealing with it all? It’s OK to admit – if only to yourself – that sometimes you feel left out. Or maybe a little less important. Maybe just scared that your brother or sister won’t make it. Not to mention feeling totally helpless to make things better. Well, this is a spot that might help. You can:

  • Get good information about your sibling’s disease.
  • Read some of the stuff in the Moms and Dads section (it may explain some of the weird things your folks are doing).
  • CONNECT HERE¬†with others going through the same things.
  • Occasionally, there will be articles written by other sibs or by teens with cancer who want to share their thoughts about brothers and sisters.