First, you should get ready. Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Post a “Please Do Not Disturb” sign outside your door. Arrange your room in a way that makes you very, very comfortable. Maybe close the shades. Put on some soft music. Light some incense or a candle. Ok – now start to breath..….breathe..….breathe.

Visualization Exercise #1 for Relaxation, Clearing and Centering

Part I (Hint: Have someone you trust read this to you or tape yourself reading it.)

Settle back in a comfortable, supported position, close your eyes, and imagine how easily you can direct your breath to deepen. Begin to sense a very easy, regular rhythm to your breath, as if you could picture your breath as a gentle, rolling wave of endless energy, rising and falling each and every time you inhale and exhale. As this rhythm becomes deeper and deeper, more and more regular, count to yourself five, full, deep, easy breaths. Then imagine yourself more and more, with every breath you take, beginning to ride those waves as if you were floating in a sea of energy, light as a feather. Imagine how, with each and every breath you inhale, you open every part of your body and mind to receive more and more of this nurturing energy. Imagine how, with each and every breath you exhale, you open every part of your body and mind to release any tension anywhere it exists inside your being – imagining somehow your exhaled breath knows where to find and remove it. Feel yourself floating on these endless waves, receiving and releasing, receiving and releasing nurturing, clearing energy. You feel lighter and freer, more and more relaxed. Now imagine these light waves are a wonderful cocoon of energy that flows all around and through you now, and then begins to lift you up, higher and higher, like floating in a radiant bubble. It’s as if you rise above everything and just float in the endlessly flowing rhythms of this cocoon, in the center. You are the center – just being here now, just being here now. Allow whatever feelings and thoughts come up to just drift in and out, in and out like soft, puffy clouds, like the endless, floating rhythms of your breath. Just be here now . . . just be here now. When you’re ready, imagine these rhythms very easily and lightly bringing you back and back, in this wonderful cocoon, until at last you gradually return to full, waking consciousness, and open your eyes.

Part II – You’ll need a journal or sketch pad.

Now, as you slowly open your eyes, sit for a moment, enjoying your sensations. When you’re ready, write about your experience however you wish, and draw whatever you want, however you’re moved to do so, using any colors you wish (crayons still work!). Then settle back once more, close your eyes and imagine yourself again floating in that light cocoon high above everything. Imagine in this cocoon you can create whatever you want. What do you create? Let it unfold, and when you feel complete with this exploration for now, once more gently come back, open your eyes, and write and draw what happened. This is a great way to “get away from it all”!! The effects stay with you, especially if you do this visualization exercise on a regular basis. Journaling, which can include drawing as well as writing, really extends the many positive effects. One last thought: Think of one thing (it can be a little thing) you can do today or this week which feels like a creative choice you can make in your life, based on what you imagined creating while you floated in that wonderful, light cocoon. Do it!! See what happens – and take a few notes. Be your own best experimenter/creator. These exercises have been generously offered by Marjorie Baker Price, founder of Centering tm Tools for Self-Help and Empowerment ( and dedicated in loving memory of her dear friend Joel Bloom, diagnosed at age 15 with a malignant sarcoma.