(if your docs say it OK) Maybe you’ve spent the morning worshiping the porcelain throne (toilet!) thanks to those lovely chemo drugs . Or maybe the radiation has made you so tired you can barely get up off the couch. “Exercise – no way.” Well, here’s the thing. You’re tired and uncomfortable because of your treatment ( who wouldn’t be?). But the longer you stay inactive, the more tired and uncomfortable you become. And round and round it goes. Here are ten good reasons why you should Just Do It! (exercise, that is.)

  1. You’ll have more energy. Aerobic ( Aero =Air = Oxygen + Bic/Bio = Life ) activity like walking or swimming helps strengthen your body, heart and lungs. Exercise can reduce treatment related fatigue.
  2. You’ll sleep better at night Research shows that staying active during the day helps insomnia at night. There are lots of sleep medicines but the fewer drugs the better. Right ?
  3. You’ll manage your weight better If you’re taking any steroid drugs , weight gain is common. Exercise will help you manage this side effect.
  4. Your bones will love it! Some cancer treatment causes your bones to weaken. Exercise will help maintain bone density.
  5. You’ll be less moody Staying active helps deal with the emotional ups and downs of cancer. Exercise is a positive outlet for all that stress. Your family and friends will also be happy!
  6. You’re in control There are lots of things you can’t control when you have cancer. But you can control your exercise schedule and choose those activities which make you feel the best.
  7. You’ll be smarter (or so they say!) Some studies suggest that staying active helps brain function. You might as well try – especially before your next test in school !
  8. You’ll have something to do Days in the hospital or at home can get pretty boring. Exercise can help pass the time in a healthy way. Keep a log of your activity each day.
  9. You’ll have fun Find an exercise buddy. Your mom, friend, dog? Make a game of it! Laugh out loud!
  10. You’ll feel good about yourself Each day you’ll feel a little stronger. Celebrate your progress. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m good. I’m really good.”